Friday, December 23, 2011

Holy Grail Update

found another holy grail item last night. the debut from the bears. a little dear at 19.95, but's all about the music, right. it's been a good year for holy grails. picked up the following:

Bears s/t
Bears Rise and Shine (although i was a little irked that i paid 13.95 and two weeks later they had a copy for 8.95)
Birtles and Gobles the last romance
Glenn Shorrock Villain of the Peace (australian version, no "don't girls get lonely, but three tracks i hadn't heard before)
Greg Kihn Kinhspiracy
Naked Eyes Very Best (melloy found this one, but he was kind enough to make me a copy....same difference)
Nick Lowe Nick the Knife
Peter Wolf Lights Out (probably my best find all year. 4.99)
Poco Under the Gun ($20 new, then i flipped it for $45. course, i didn't make a copy)
Radio Daze (vol 4,5)
Sheena Easton Private Heaven (One Way)

few holy grail additions (irks me that i let a couple of these cc editions through my hands-sold both 24 carrots and modern times for a pittance...kinda dumb, but i guess i thought they would be more common)

al stewart-russians and americans (collectors choice)
al stewart-last days of the century (collectors choice)
al stewart-orange (cc)
al stewart-between the wars (cc)
al stewart-indian summer (cc) (i have a copy copied from the library, but still)
jesse winchester-nothing but a breeze
jesse winchester-3rd down 110 to go
jesse winchester-let the rough side drag
jesse winchester-touch on the rainy side
kenny rodgers-we've got tonight (i know, i know)

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