Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review: The Shows

Now onto the main selections of the year.

First off, is worst show of the year. and no, it's not going to be mumford and sons. nor is it going to be broken social scene (i was loving them right up until they decided to give us a little extra)

My worst show is easily the Julian Casblancas show at First Avenue last spring. I don't want to relive my ire and get worked up all over again by rehasing. Bad show. one of the worst i've ever seen. i'm so glad you were there to share the pain with me, ben.

Now on a happier tone, top five shows of 2010

#5. Crowded House. Minnesota Zoo. gorgeous night. wonderful setting. great songs and performers who genuinely seemed to enjoy the moment.

#4. National. First Avenue. 3rd time seeing them. great show as usual (and the antlers were awesome too) Bon Iver guested (and grabbed matt's ass, shocking matt a little). highlight was having 1200 people sing along to "conversation 16"

#3 Menomena. Varsity. I could rave more and rail about how they deserve a bigger crowd (i could say the same for frightened rabbit) but hopefully, they will put out one more album and tour before everyone finds them so i can enjoy another stellar show.

#2 Yeasayer. First Avenue. My da passed away shortly before this show. and of course, we had the memorial on the same day as this show. It wasn't really a question of not going, although the whole evening is a blur. I know the lyrics meant something else entirely, but i almost started bawling during the "...stuck in my mind, all the time" part of "One".

#1 Fanfarlo. Cedar Cultural Center. an utterly charming band. great songs, wonderfully sympathetic playing by a band on the verge who seemed thrilled and amazed that the audience was so into them. Trust us, it was we who were the delighted.


  1. Mine (and thanks, BTW)
    1. LCD Soundsystem/Hot Chip
    2. Frightened Rabbit
    3. Yeasayer
    4. Menomena
    5. Crowded House
    (And Fanfarlo would be next.)

  2. I wasn't at ANY of these shows. Guess I need to go to more :)