Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review: Worst Album

I think we are in agreement on this one.

Brandon Flowers: Flamingo

It would be easy to say Duffy because i almost didn't even include that in the MHD, but it's not like i expected to like her, or that i think she has any talent, plus she's given me an over the top vibrato i can mock mercilessly, so there's that.

But hell...i like the Killers (i even like a couple songs off the sawdust leftovers disc, and the christmas singles are good) so who would have thought this album would be so awful, boring and pretentious (all at the same time). i mean, c'mon...a springsteen-ian treatise on the losers of vegas? but you don't really have anything to say? plus, you (BF) barely know how to write about yourself, much less real people (and i'm pretty sure you aren't that in touch with the real people/vegas losers.) blech, i'd rather eat pickled beets. and the music sucks too. (although i still sorta wonder if i should have seen him at first ave this fall...i mean...he's gotta fill a set, right? is it wrong to expect a killers song or two?)


  1. We are not in agreement. I do think the Brandon Flowers is godawful, but I was able to listen to it in its entirety once and I could not physically stand to listen to Katy Perry's CD, so she gets the nod for me (he's the runner-up, though).

  2. oh I forgot that one!! Terrible. I said MGMT and Arcade Fire (sorry I don't get it).

  3. i still think MGMT made a crappy album on purpose. i think Flowers tried his hardest but couldn't do any better.