Friday, December 31, 2010

I Admit. Sometimes, I Say Too Much (or I've Got to Scratch This Itch of Mine)

Varsity Theater
September 23, 2010

You know how i said "Wow" about Mumford & Sons in the most negative manner possible? Flip that over and apply it to the Menomena show at the varsity. and then multiply it; 2x, 3x, 4x, whatever you feel comfortable with, and i'd agree. All those mumford fans should have been at this show if they really wanted to see "the goods". Jeez, i get goosebumps just reliving the show in my mind as i type away. (although i am realizing how Modest Mouse Queen Black Acid is) Great album to tour behind (mines), great song selection, (within the songs themselves and throughout the set list...was just a great mix of crowd pleasers, teasers and squeezers building up to the finale) amazing dynamics/chemistry between the band members (i guess it helps to have three unique singers, he said overly obviously) Seriously, every song was a gem (most of mines was played and lots of friend or foe...something for EVERYONE) i could go on, but i don't think i need to. again...just go check them out. EXCELLENT!

btw.....only one encore song? sheesh. (and what was with the singerdrummer? too much queen black acid?)

(oh yeah, i might be coming around on the suckers--the opening act...sorry)

(double oh yeah...Adam, do you REALLY have to shout crap from the audience? I hope Chad's band coalesces and i can go to the show and shout non-non sequiturs)

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