Friday, December 31, 2010

We Interrupt This Program for the Following Announcement

Sorta kinda new year's resolution to cut back on the cheapo/fetus picking. i really don't need to go every week. maybe once a month is enough...and gad knows the amazon selling is getting time consuming (albeit quite profitable...think i made 1600 bucks off a 2700 investment...better than the market, plus the music!)

but the resolution is so tomorrow. today we feast:

a couple fuzzy warbles from andy partridge (vols 3 and 6)
david holmes let's get killed (dunno why i dig him so much)
belle and sebastian write about love (super cheap, i couldn't pass up a cd copy)
slowdive pygmailion (this completes my recent slowdive binge)
slade keep your hands off my power supply (reliable seller for $7)
men without hats collection ($5!!!)


  1. Once a month?!?
    Mine's music-related, too, though: Earplugs, while I still have ears.

  2. ...although I just looked at the January releases and you may not be too tempted until Iron and Wine and Cold War Kids on the 25th.