Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review: Top Ten Albums

#10 Vampire Weekend Contra (this wasn't on the list until i saw shawn bopping to the commercial that used "Holiday," then i re-listened and realized how fun it is. This kicked Caribou off the list)

#9 Sleigh Bells Treat-hated the show, but this disc gets better each time i listen

#8 Atmosphere To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EP- it may just be an EP, or a collection of eps, but this is really good, music and lyrics.

#7 Twin Shadow Forget- i just keep playing this, damn the influences

#6 Frightened Rabbit Winter of Mixed Drinks

#5 Broken Bells

#4 The Drums

#3 Yeasayer Odd Blood

#2 Menomena Mines

#1 National High Violet (this would have been #1 regardless of the bonus disc, but every one of those b sides could have been on this album.)


  1. Is that mythical Yeasayer CD a combo of their last two CDs? (Sorry.)
    Meanwhile, I have come around on Sleigh Bells, dammit.

  2. haha. fixed it. i don't have fancy schmancy editors taking care of me....

  3. I did the same thing when I heard "holiday" on that commercial. I seemed to like it more now. But got sad when I heard The Drums "Surfing" on the car commercial.