Friday, December 31, 2010

c’mon and get the minimum!

Broken Bells
First Avenue
December 6, 2010

i have had a picture of james mercer staring at me from above my desk for at least three different jobs now (all the same company so don’t be all job whore judgmental on me). not always the same picture mind you, i’ve definitely gravitated to the bearded current guise, but always mr mercer in some shape or form for quite a while now. he looks on with silent shy encouragement on good days, bad days and days that are just a function of watching the sunshadow move across my computer screen. couple obvious reasons for my fandom. the shins really ushered in the 3rd era (or 4th depending on your math) of music for me (and perhaps the prime of all eras); the indie years, he’s devastatingly appealing to me (the ICC is soooooo wrong, and it’s not just the beard) and he just seems like a terrifically thoughtful, classy and charming guy (those videos with the kids reviewing broken bell tracks cinched it for me).

so yeah, couldn’t wait to see broken bells when they finally got around to getting up to the MPLS. and i guess i was pretty predisposed to love the show, regardless. thankfully, they did not disappoint.

not the most chatty guy (dangermouse even less so) with little more than “hi how ya’s doing” and “you’re a great crowd” (and not in that smarmy julian casablancas kind of make me want to hit him way). but they were all definitely into the show. lots of fun little jam intros (but not to jam if’n ya follow me) tight crew. short set, but satisfying. highlights of course, the high road, merilyn fields (how could this not be on the album), a KILLER vaporize, october. got a nice version of insane lullaby (from the dark night of the soul), a neil young cover, plus the most shins-ish, your head is on fire.

dunno what it says, but i keep hearing the fade on THE HIGH ROAD differently. sometimes loss, sometimes laws, sometimes love....depending on my mood. i love that song.

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