Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review: Soundtrack

I'm sure you are sick of belated concert reviews.
Let me get to what you really want to read.
My 2010 top tens....

And the award for favorite soundtrack of the year goes to.....

The I Am Love soundtrack. Perfect complement to the movie ('s practically a character itself) but it works quite nicely even without the visuals. Love it, course i'm a sucker for that kind of repeated single note stuff.

Runner up is the True Grit soundtrack. It is pretty great too.

And shockingly, i don't really have a worst soundtrack this year. there are a bunch of them that didn't really do much for me, but nothing struck me as out and out awful (although the Tron:Legacy soundtrack was a disappointment, how can you have Daft Punk do your soundtrack and then make them NOT be Daft Punk...sigh)

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  1. Shoot. I thought I had a surprise there. My two top favorite soundtracks, as well. (The only caveat being that the "I Am Love" music was technically not composed for the film, but I don't care.)