Friday, January 1, 2010

Being the First, the One, the Party Started

Check, Check. Is this thing still on?

NP: Brother Ali, US

Leftovers first.

My humble selections from 2009.

1. Grizzly Bear Vekatimest
2. David Bazan Curse Your Branches
3. Animal Collective Meriweather Post Pavilion
4. Passion Pit Manners
5. Handsome Furs Face Control
6. Metric Fantasies
7. Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca
8. Neko Case Middle Cyclone
9. Islands Vapours
10. Veils Sun Gangs

Singles (no particular order, the man can't hold me to 10, and suffer my indifferent punctuation/capitalization):

there are ten or twelve, ac newman
loaded, the idle hands
feel a whole lot better, brendan benson
young adult friction, pains of being pure at heart
lust for life, girls
1901, phoenix
11th dimension, julian casablancas
harold t hawkins...., fanfarlo
my love, the bird and the bee
song away, hockey
last dance, raveonettes
death, white lies
i wonder who we are, the clientele
hysteric, yyys
doomsday, elvis perkins (slow doomsday too, but space limited)
airport surroundings, loney, dear
the strangers, st. vincent
snookered, dan deacon
walkabout atlas sound ft. panda bear
love of an orchestra, noah and the whale

New/Old Bidness (too early for 2010 music other than illicits, but more on that later, eh):

it's cold, i was out late last night, (but not that late) so mostly just lazing on the couch. book, football (on mute) and music. random scatterlistenings as follows:

Miike Snow-definitely worth a few more rotations
Grant Hart, Hot Wax-unremarkable, oh where oh where has my husker gone?
Calvin Harris, Ready for the Weekend-i feel ya, shore i do. why no love for this?
Phish, Joy-blind taste test. i passed. it failed. not sure even drugs would help this hopelessly boring stuff
Dinosaur Jr, Farm. nothing new under the sun, but i guess there's nothing wrong with the grunge equivalent of vaudeville
REM, Christmas Songs. thanks man, for the listen. i will always keep the candle burning in the window.
Kurt Vile, Childish Prodigy. This is growing on me, no one song jumps out, but still, i play and maybe play again.

Still working on giving 2009 releases one last appraisal before the 2010 stuff starts to hit.

Groovy Sale Day. Sold a rare Church import (Sing Songs) for a $40 profit. nice. Jane's Addiction box (Cabinet of Curiousities) and an Essential Squeeze collection also flipped. Guess there were some dollars left after Christmas and a night of festivities.

No cheapo run today. But at least i updated the ledger, if not the amazon account (i still can't believe i spent $50 on a greg kihn cd)

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