Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obsessed with Operation

Tunes for Today

Weezer-Ratitude: Dumb as hell, and the faux metal and hip hop posing is as cringe worthy as you’d think. But who could expect more than that from Weezer at this point. A tune or two had me smiling. So there’s that at least.

Yacht-See Mystery Lights
: No, it’s MY own personal disco party!

Rain Machine: Nice to see Kyp Malone get away from the Dave Sitek/TV on the Radio sound on this one. Some interesting production choices have been made here, almost singer songwriter/freak folk. The lyrics are introspective and personal, without being Alanis confessional. Just wish he’d had a little stronger melodies on which to hang his thoughts.

Andrew Bird-Noble Beast (and Useless Beasts): Should have found space for this in the top ten. Bird is easy to take for granted because of the high quality of his work. When the bar is that high, it’s hard to differentiate between albums. Sometimes that gets mistaken for homogeneity, but my bad, especially when his last album (Armchair Apocrypha) is one of my all time faves. But this one has it all; compelling and memorable lyrics, some intriguing themes, tight pop melodies (a hallmark of his), and of course, spacious, intricate and brilliant arrangements and playing. Even the whistling works. A wizard, a true genius.

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