Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turnin' (Movie) Music into Gold

My music picking recently turned up a copy of the Young Frankenstein soundtrack on cd (One Way Record-They have some great reissues). I almost passed on it, even though it was 5.95. Only real reason I picked it up is because someone LOVES that movie and I thought he’d dig the disc. When I got home, I did a little research and found that it was out of print and people were asking for some pretty outrageous prices online. I did a full disclosure and got permission to flip the “gift.” Got me thinking about movie soundtracks and what might be OOP and worth picking.

Came up with a decent wish list of movie soundtracks, most desirable of which (from a flipping perspective) are listed below:

- Dolly. Sly Stallone. How could this not be worth big bucks?
Watership Down- My hometown library (Hi Mrs. Svee) had this on LP ages ago. I’m sure I was the only one checking it out. And it just wasn’t for the great Art Garfunkel song, Bright Eyes.
Young Einstein-Yahoo Serious. Whatever happened to....
Chinatown-I’ve never seen this movie.
Electric Horseman-Willie Nelson music.
Cat’s Don’t Dance-Randy Newman music. and cats. and dancin’
Electric Bugaloo 2- I’m sure this is unlistenable, but still....
Wild Bunch-Hard to believe this is out of print
Muppet Treasure Island- Looks like all the muppet movie soundtracks are out of print at present
U-571-Same guy who did the In Treatment music
Sword in the Stone-I’m pretty sure this has never seen cd release, but the LP is fetching some nice prices
FairyTale-I loved this movie, although i’ll admit to not remembering a bit of the music.
The ‘Burbs-This Jerry Goldsmith guy, he seems to be the bomb.

After I compiled this list, I happened across a list Melloy created a couple of years ago. Maybe I should read his spreadsheets more closely.

Caveat: I haven’t flipped the YF soundtrack, so who knows how firm the demand (price) is.

Tunes for Today:
God Help the Girl: His Majesty’s Muses. Pretty good for a one shot, but Isobel’s shadow is cast long.
Gomez-A New Tide: Hard to believe this is the same band that did Bring It On, but it’s pleasant enough radio ready music (as long as your radio isn’t too current)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It’s Blitz: By far their best ep. (And I could easily go GF Dead following their live shows)
Wilco-The Album: R.I.P. Jay Bennett. It might have been painful for all involved, but Wilco used to be something special when Jay was in the band. Now Jeff puts out albums like this; nothing awful, certainly very listenable and better than a lot of the alt indie country out there. But where is that american aquarium drinker brilliance? “C’mon children, you’re acting like children?” The rat signifies obviousness. “Cheer up, honey, I hope you can.”
Portugal. The Man: The Satanic Satanist: Heavenly

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