Monday, January 11, 2010

We Have Reduced Emissions by 35%

Catching up on some spins:
Super Furry Animals-Darker Days:Light Years: On permanent replay. What higher praise can be provided? “The streets of your homes will never feel a recession” A really nice return to form after the disappointing Hey Venus
Pissed Jeans-King of Jeans: Why isn’t indie more belligerent and bellicose? Seems like a great idea to me. I’m not asking for Helloween or Slayer, but still....
Tegan & Sara-Sainthood: Everything’s here, but something’s still missing.
Great Lakes Swimmers-Lost Channels: Fading. Into. The. Ether......
Heavy-House that Dirt Built: Fun blast of irony free retro rock and soul. A little muscle shoals, a little james brown, a little black sabbath, a little bob marley (???!!!) all wrapped up in some great melodies and solid production. The music never transcends the influences, but a good rock out is always welcome.
Department of Eagles-Whitey on the Moon UK: Man, for as much as I love Grizzly Bear (and In Ear Park), there’s very little on here that stands out for me. Training wheels for sure and even then the bike flops over regularly.
Rancid-Let the Dominoes Fall: My soda tastes a little funny. Did they tweak the formula or was it that Throwback Dew I had yesterday, throwing off my tastebuds. Infinitesimal I know, but something’s not right. (But never fear, i’ll finish the can and Last One to Die is a great song.)
Sufjan Stevens/Osso-Run Rabbit Run: Fell asleep in the tub with this playing. No judgment, just fact.
Silversun Pickups-Swoon: Oh, so that’s what happened to the smashing pumpkins. No wait, that’s not fair. “I’ll tell you perfectly clear, There’s no secrets this year.” This is pretty fun stuff and there’s nothing wrong with being derivative. Radiohead made a career out of it.
Shout Out Out Out Out-Reintergration Time: Correction. THIS is my private disco party music. Big fat synths and urgent beats, find me a dance floor and disco ball NOW. Bad Choices was playing just as I heard the news about Mark Mcqwire’s steroid admission.

A couple nice pickups over the weekend (the system broke down big time, but at least nothing was lost)
John Kilzer-Memory in the Making
Gary Numan-Sacrifice

Slow sales last week, but a couple big ticket items moved:
Department of Eagles-Whitey on the Moon UK


  1. I just heard that Super Furry Animals, "Helium Hearts" song and it is, indeed, awesome.
    Hey, apropos of very little, I tried to cancel a used book I ordered on Amazon a couple weeks ago, but never received the courtesy of a reply from the seller. So I couldn't wait to get the book so I could give him a terrible rating, which I did. He sends me a message, "What's with the crappy rating?" I told him and he said he'd refund my money and let me keep the book (which I already had a copy of) if I'd retract the rating. I did retract it and now we'll see how his customer service is on the refund!

  2. ooh, i like that song too.

    Good luck on the refund. I wouldn't have retracted until I got the refund.