Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dedicated to Glam

Not much today, too many meetings so no listen time at work. VW comments forthcoming, need on more car listen before i commit.

Icehouse-Great Southern Land:Strange little collection of icehouse "hits." I guess I could quibble with the song selection and song order (am I the only one who likes chronological compilations?) , but other than we can get together, none of Iva's stuff got any airplay up my way anyway. Fun to give this a listen and time to pull out the debut and primitive man again (how can glam not be on here? Or not my kind? Ah well).
Gossip-Music for Men: music for all more like. I can't listen to love long distance without thinking of dolly parton fronting a punk band (tell me it doesn't have a 9 to 5 vibe), but the association is a positive one, musically and spiritually. Lots and lots of production polish, but it works. Top ten contender from 2009 for sure.
Swan Lake-Enemy Mine: Prolific, these guys are, no? And maybe a little musically promiscuous. I mean, you have your new pornographers, your destroyer, your wolf parade, frog eyes, sunset rubdown, your bars, your temples, your massage parlours. How many more musical outlets do these dudes need? And yet,Swan Lake still feels like a separate and viable musical entity. This one has a nifty Bowie vibe, circa stardust, providing a solid spine for these musings on mortality and relationships (I guess, I can never really tell what Dan Bejar is writing about, much less what planet Spencer Krug is on) There are still a few proggy touches I could do without (not to mention a tendency to kitchen sink the songs), but still it's a good spin. Plus, this has to be the best recycled use of an 80's movie title ever.

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