Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Dreamer's Only Dream

Lots of random listening lately:

Andy Gibb-Greatest Hits: Pretty fun stuff, even the non-hits are surprisingly tuneful. Time for an andy gibb re-assessment no doubt, but just keep his cds out of print, cos they make me money.

Cock Robin-st: Gonna pick the lock on it.

Marti Jones-Unsophisticated Time: Thanks so much for loaning me this album, buddy. I've been enjoying it a lot. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does), The Element Within Her (better than Elvis' own version) and of course, Follow You All Over the World. Wonderful. and now converted to cd. (and i had a ton of fun figuring out the new conversion software)

Spoon-Transference: the last three spoon albums are desert island discs all, so this one has some pretty big shoes to fill. Doesn't quite measure up to those classics, but apart from the single (Written in
Reverse), this is a pretty good disc. I really appreciate the spacious demo approach to the production. Lots of room in these songs for the sparse instrumentation and basic melodies to breath. I'm willing to let the songs work their magic on me. Mystery Zone is definitely an early highlight.

Hot Chip-One Life Stand: Apart from the last song (Take It In)everything on this disc is shite. Boring, aimless, and retried and tired. Very disappointing disc from a band I really enjoy.

Eels-End Times: Mark. Get your medication changed. Or your therapist. Or join a cult or something. Find some happiness, cos this whole working your issues out through music doesn't appear to be working.

Owen Pallet-Heartland: I should give this more time, but it's not working for me so far.

Yeasayer-Odd Blood: first song is an odd choice to lead off the album and it kinda drags to the end, but I'm liking it.

Beach House-Teen Dream
: Probably my second favorite of the new year so far. Not a dud track on this disc.

Midlake-The Courage of Others: This is not Van Occupanther. Where's the evocative lyrics and music? Where are the melodies that carried Van? All we have here is production and harmonies. Wasn't really looking for
a van squared (ok, maybe I was) but nothing on here is the equal of the least of that disc.

Shearwater-The Golden Archipelago
: wow. This is an ALBUM! Every song is perfect. Perfectly written, perfectly played, and perfectly placed on the disc. Deserves to be heart from start to finish. And then start to finish again. I'd write more extolling it's virtues, but I want to concentrate on listening again.

Dan Deacon-Bromst: I started listening to this disc wondering why it wasn't in my top ten for 2009. Build Voice, Paddling Ghost, Snookered (still can't get over the john cale like song structures), Woof, Woof; all such excellent songs. But by the end of the disc, I'm again reminded of why it just fell short. Too long, too repetitive. Get an editor dan. No song over 5 minutes, 9 songs tops. (save some material for dearly loved, but neglected b-sides). But keep making videos, cos that's some funny trippy stuff.

Crazy Heart Soundtrack: you sorta forget it's jeff bridges singing and just figure its some dusty country relic (kris kristofferson, merle haggard) having a rick rubin sponsored career renaissance ressurection rehabilitation. and who knew colin farell could sing? (i think i prefer the jeff versions of the songs as opposed to the Ryan Bingham sung tongs)

Real Estate-st: I thought Let's Rock the Beach was a seals and crofts cover. It isn't, but that's a decent enough starting point for this band.


  1. You are welcome. By the way, I love the Freudian slip in the Shearwater part ("heart from start to finish").
    PS You can twist and turn.
    PPS Have you seen the "Boys Who Rape Should All Be Destroyed" video? Egad. Tough stuff.

  2. Update: Andy flipped today. Thank you fetus! You will reap the rewards of my profits.