Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter's Cold, It's Too Much to Handle

So sad, back at work. But at least I have
some prime music listening time whilst I catch up with
email and worklists.

np: vampire weekend-contra courtesy of greenshoelace
first listen. too soon to comment (but i really dig Taxi Cab already)

but here are some i can comment on:

Empire of the Sun-I know, it's only indie music, but I like it
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-vs children: twee. Painfully.
The whole "I can make music" schtick is getting old. Shine. Rose. Off. Worn.
Black Moth Super Rainbow-eating us: daft punk trip hop.
Sunset Rubdown-Dragonslayer: (everything about sunset rubdown and swan lake
and wolf parade should not work for me.....grating vocals, proggish song structures,
indie aspirations, diffuse melodies.... and yet everytime i put one of these cds in,
i ask myself why i don't listen to it expection here.
i don't know why it works given my aesthetic, but it does)
Death cab for cutie-open door ep (it's what we do and we do it
well...for about one more album anyway)
Depeche Mode-Sounds of the Universe (definitely not my number 2.
funny that there is a song on here called Perfect. Formulaic would be
a more appropriate song title. This disc is uninspired, repetitive,
and entirely too long. The second listen was unwarranted.
This is exhibit A in defense of pre-screening music.
Too bad there are no returns on cds.
Enjoy the silence. Mope on your own. Avoid this.)

Oh yeah, and here are the memorable shows from 2009:

Passion pit-triple rock (pogo baby, pogo....a year of great shows but this
was the most fun i've had at a show in pretty damn near forever)
Grizzly bear-cedar cultural center (caught this show two hours after a
flight back from decide)
Phoenix-Varsity (the sweat, the sweat)
National-first avenue (I wish someone would have brought a camera)
White lies/friendly fires-triple rock (shawn gets his groove on!)
Mates of state/black kids-varsity (pretty sure MoS did the same show
as last time, even with new songs,but the kids are ALRIGHT!...still a
little embarrassed for taking a header over a stairs)
Leonard cohen-orpheum (legend....wait for it.....)
Handsome furs-seventh street entry (sexy hot and hard rock and roll...
and I was in bed before 1 am on a school night ...supercool)
Metric-first avenue (we got stadium love!)
Animal Collective-first avenue (I'm still feeling like something was missing,
but it was pretty darn fun)

Worst show of the year:
Peter, Bjorn and John-Fine Line (PB&J were ok, but chairlift were obnoxious
and I nearly got trampled by overserved stage crashers)


  1. I plead guilty to being a someone who never remembers to bring a camera to get a once-in-a-lifetime photo of singers risking death on platforms they should not be teetering on, but are.

  2. i'm sad i didn't go to the white lies/friendly fires show.
    Phoenix at the varsity was definitely my fave concert of the year. it was sooooo hot in there...but Metric was the show where i passed out, ha.

  3. WL/FF was so much fun. The dude from WL had totally lost his voice by the time they were back in town for KoL.

    I'm surprised they didn't have ambulances lined up in front of the Varsity during the Phoenix show. I was dripping wet and we had seats off to the side. I can't imagine what it would have been like in the throng.