Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Fistful of Singles

rogue wave good morning: catchey, dancey; The future, oh-oh!
besnard lakes albatross: cocteau twins, MBV and sorta jesus (not so much mary chain) i miss them all (circa 1993)
ruby suns cranberry:somebody's been taking their daily animal collective (not complaining, just saying)
the knife colouring of pigeons: bran is good for you, but sugar is more fun. Let me digest a while and I'll get back to you.
she and him in the sun: not exactly making me excited for the new disc.
jj my way/let's go: I am a little intrigued. me thinks I should do a little digging. I bet they are easy to google (but not as fun to google as XX)
gorillaz stylo: maybe it's because I finally got my H1N1 flu shot, but this doesn't seem that infectious.
caribou odessa: I like the synth line, that's maybe about it. And cowbell? Really?
vampire qeekend californa english pt 2: this couldn't have been bundled with Contra instead of that stupid Toy Selectah Contramelt BS?
drive by truckers this fucking job: meh. Seems like a song with a title like this deserves more than this by the numbers tune.

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